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A Poem by Momma Xxiou (click to expand)

[ The idiom “third time's the charm” has its roots in the ancient belief
that the number three is magical ]

or a 3rd time I was charmed, the morning you arrived.

So considerate of you to journey in just about 5.

I have always seen the magical wonder of Xxiou.
I hope you can see it 2. There is no other 1 like you.

Many wonderful moments spent with you, 

Way more than 3, since you were wee.

There is only 1 of you ~ a gift I will cherish to infinity.

May it help to remember, in times of strife,
You are a bright light in my life.

[ Inspired by Xxiou’s NMS channel and alter ego of Christopher Lasala.

By Momma’ Xxiou, your forever fan - May 28, 2022 ] 

REDDIT: r/NoMansSkyTheGame - RIP Xxiou