Submitting Work

Want Your Work In The NAC Collection?

To submit work for the NAC collection, you must first be a NAC creator -- the complete criteria is still in development, so stay tuned for information. To be included in the Niche Arts Club (NAC) collection, please keep in mind:

1) The NAC is small, and cannot guarantee anything except to treat your submission with care and respect.

2) The NAC does not ask for or offer any financial compensation. 

3) You own your work. 

Please remember, the NAC is a home for art that was loved and labored over but is of a particular niche that, unless it was heavily altered, diluted, or in some other way compromised is unlikely to be noticed in the digital mass. We hope it might provide some inspiration and community for niche creators, both of which require not only our work, but our attention. In other words, if you plan to submit, also spend some time appreciating the works of other NAC content.

If you are interested in adding your work to the NAC, go here.

What Are Creative Invitations?

Creative Invitations invite the members of Write Club to interpret your piece with the following conditions:

1) Creators may use your work as a prompt to create a unique new piece that stands on its own. 

2) If the new work is ever published or produced in a format carrying credits, you should be acknowledged (e.g., based on a story by...based on characters by...based on the song "Bling Blang Bloom" by... etc.). Understand, this relies on the trust and goodwill of all involved, and the NAC cannot enforce this.

3) OPTIONAL - If the new piece complements or resonates with the original work and both creators agree, it can be added to the original's page on the NAC website, and both names will be added to the Storytellers & Artists section. Keep in mind, Creative Invitations are here to inspire creativity and build community.

If you are a NAC member wishing to submit, please request a link to the submission form from another member.

Need a Creator Page?

If you have at least four works in the collection and you would like a Creator page, please go here.