Show Everyone 


By Chris Legg

Storytellers & Artists: Chris Legg, Frank Aveni & Christopher Ward

Year: (c) 2023 

Notes from Frank Aveni: "In summer 2003, Chris and I were talking on the phone and he said he wanted to start a new band to play fast hardcore again. It had been about 7 years since our previous band, Break Faith, had broken up, but Chris and I had remained good friends and I was totally on board. Initially, Chris suggested calling the band Xiou. Our first practice was in Boston in July. Steve Pica from Fastbreak was originally involved on guitar but had to drop out early on. We continued writing the songs, a couple of which were based partly on unreleased Break Faith songs – the one titled "Forward and Back" (in the video below) was also called "Try"), and "Fuck You" was also called "Show Everyone." In November, we recorded a 4-song demo with Andrew Basile at Studio 88 in Roxbury, MA. Chris Ward from Rocket West played bass on the recording. Todd Rogers designed a logo and cover art for the demo using a photo of Chris holding a skateboard and giving the finger. Shortly after, Legg joined The Distance so that was all for Show Everyone. The band may have been short lived but I'm proud of the recording and grateful to have been able to make music with Chris one more time. I'd like to say thanks to all who contributed to the band and the recording, and thank you for listening."