Daddy O

His desperation, or ignorance, drives him to try and solve emotion with logic.

Storytellers & Artists: D.Lasala, Mike Lasala, D.Middleton

Year: (c) 1994

Collection: Dysfunctional

Indecisive? Only for a little while.

Caught in a crisis, then I crack a little smile.

I found a way to be happy - try to subdue the stains.

Gonna do what I want now. Guess I got shit for brains.

I made up my mind. Now I don't know what it wants to be.

There's not enough time.

Idiot? Yeah, that's me.

Yes, I know I'm a loser because I throw it in your face.

Looks like I got no future. No longer run in the race.

I try at finding some meaning.

I have a fist full of dirt, because that is all I respect now . . . and it's losing it's worth.

I know I'm wasting time, but now I think there's no such thing.

I think I lost my mind. Apathy? Yeah, that's me.

Ain't no comparing. No, I won't complain.

It's all entirely different.

It's all completely the same.

I got a question anyway because I'm losing faith.

All I got is hope now.

It doesn’t show on my face.

I made up my mind.

I know I'm wasting time.

I've done too many things.

Failure? Yeah, that's me.