LO Loverun, A. L. Lead, Will D'Laz, D.Lasala

I write about damaged heroes, hidden villains, secret places, and human contradictions.

About: I'm a storyteller creating tales to beguile and occasionally delve into the mysteries of existence. Inspired by classic stories, subversive satire, literature, cinema, art, and philosophy, my stories traverse genres and mediums, including reality-bending fiction, visceral action, gritty noir, avant-garde explorations, and more. Irrespective of the genre, I craft narratives that explore damaged heroes, hidden villains, the secret places behind mundane reality, and people caught between cynicism and compassion with the intention of provoking lingering reflection. I have been telling stories, creating characters, and building worlds for over 30 years using a variety of mediums, including no-budget movie-making, indie games, music, and narrative fiction. A. Lavas Lead is the pen name I use when I am working in children's and young adult genres. I go by LO Loverun, Will D'Laz, and D. Lasala for my grown-up work.

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