Earfulla Polka

Conformity. Pledge the flag. Fuck off and die.

Sometimes it all produces a thing of interest.

Storytellers & Artists: D.Lasala, Mike Lasala, D.Middleton

Year: (c) 1994

Collection: Dysfunctional

How the fuck did this happen to me.

Say, this is what you wanted, friend.

Yeah, slappin' the bass/face, here you go, yo!

Wake up in the morning walking down the dead end.

It seems fucking impossible man.

Crazy muther.

Yeah, slap in the Base Face, hear you, go, yo!

And now the band is jerking out another.

Can't seem to get it together. Grabbed for a star and I fell off the roof. Just hanging around, waiting for a change in the "whether.” Nothing but time when you swing on the noose.