Achy Stingers

By LO Loverun

My grabs tremor with every attempt to close 'em. Amidst layers of dirty, the reds, the rips, and the broke-blacks make my grabs what'ed from their normals. The gathering left 'em angry, then the making without the buildsticks nearly broke 'em. Stop's would have been better, but there weren't no ticks for stops, what with the gawks waiting for fails, and the mean top getting vexed — Beazahmuker is bored again, throwin' skymads this way. Ticks need love to measure, so how many raised up my Shanty ain't but noknown. At least it's done, a frageelay bones-cover for my dries.

Copyright (c) 2021 by D.Lasala -- Image by D.Lasala with DALL-E, 2022

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