Legg & Jonny. 

Mono No Aware.

Storytellers & Artists: D.Lasala

Year: (c) 2023 by D.Lasala

About Legg & Jonny. Mono No Aware.

Mono No Aware was an unfinished experimental “movie” created in the early 2000s. The somber tone was in the original,  and seems appropriate, given it is now a memorial to one of its subjects, Chris ‘Legg’ Lasala. With that said, the origial also captured some of Chris’ wit. 

This 2023 edit has been modified to (hopefully) emphasize Chris’ unique sense of humor.

Starring  Legg & Jonny.

Appearances by Dave, Matt, AwRY, and Linus the dog.

1 song by Legg. 2 by Jonny.

Recorded at Daggett Street, New Haven, Early 2000s.

(c)2023 by Lasala