Mondo Bullet Party

A duty-obsessed cop and perfect assassin are forced to work together in a battle against waves of gun-toating enemies sent by the assassin's former boss and mentor, who also happens to be the cop’s nemesis.

Storytellers & Artists: LO Loverun, D.Lasala

Year: (c) 2007 by D.Lasala

'Mondo Bullet Party' Treatment by LO Loverun


Short Film Treatment

July 2007 by by L.O. Loverun


“Mondo Bullet Party” is an explosive, action-packed short homage to the works of John Woo, which hinges on one of his recurring themes—a cop and crook forced to work together in a battle against waves of enemies. Of course, the waves are sent from the crook’s former boss and mentor, who coincidentally also happens to be the cop’s nemesis.


We meet the PROFESSIONAL killer on a rooftop, lighting a cigarette using his Zippo. He snaps the Zippo closed, then uses its polished surface to see a reflection of the arrival of the PRIEST. The Professional turns to acknowledge the Priest, who waves congenially—they know each other. The Priest goes on to water the rooftop plants, while the Professional turns to reflectively examine a Polaroid photo of a KID. A moment passes after the Priest departs before the arrival of the Professional’s former BOSS, accompanied by two THUGS.

The Boss approaches the Professional with a briefcase to arrange a final assassination before the Professional retires. Inside the case is a bound stack of large bills, a clean gun, and a photograph of the assassination target: a uniformed COP, who unknown to all, is watching from concealment nearby, in plain clothes, his large caliber revolver at the ready. The Professional briefly examines the photo of the Cop before closing the case, refusing the job. The Boss, having anticipated this, snaps his fingers, cueing his thugs to bring out his leverage on the Professional: the Kid from the Polaroid. The Professional to advance until the Boss stops him in his tracks by pointing a gun at him. The Boss then places the photo of the Cop in the Professional’s lapel pocket—a sign the job cannot be refused. The thugs try to exit with the Kid, but the Kid refuses to move. The bigger of the two thugs raises his hand to strike the Kid, leading the Cop to quickly target the thug and fire a shot, which impacts the middle of the thug’s forehead. The Professional uses this development to send the boss careening with a kote gaeshi wrist-throw, simultaneously disarming him and using the Boss’s pistol to fire a barrage of bullets at the remaining thug. The thug goes down in a spatter of blood, while the Kid drops for cover.

From his coat, the Boss pulls out another pistol—a massive chrome weapon, as the Cop rushes from hiding to join the Professional. They begin exchanging fire with the Boss, who sprints for cover while calling for reinforcements.

A stream of NAMELESS THUGS rushes onto the rooftop, which leads the Professional and the Cop to make short, spectacular work of them, until the arrival of the SPECIALIST—a high-cost mercenary in sunglasses and leather pants, carrying a large case. He walks, unphased by the stray bullets impacting around him, arriving at a strategic position. The Specialist opens his case and quickly assembles a massive, modular machine gun.

In response to the explosive sound of gunfire, the Priest returns to the roof and sees the Kid cowering near the rooftop plants. He rushes to help.

While the Cop and the Professional continue to decimate the thugs, the Specialist trains the iron-sites of his machine gun on the Cop. The Professional’s instincts spike, and at the last second he pushes the Cop out of the line of fire, then retreats to cover as a devastating line of machine-gun bullets cut a swath in the rooftop.

The Cop and the Professional end up behind the same cover. The Cop notices a nearby gas can. As the Specialist reloads, the Cop grabs the gas-can and tosses it at him, while the Professional expertly targets the thrown projectile. At the same moment the Specialist raises his

reloaded weapon to fire, the gas can above his head is shot by the Professional, causing it to explode in a rain of fire.

When the Boss sees the Priest attempting to defy him, carrying the Kid out of harm's way, it sends him into a cold rage. He rushes the Priest, then at point blank range, shoots him dead. After, the Boss suddenly sobers to the realization that his plan to force the Professional to do the job utterly failed. He decides his next action should be vengeance on his former protege. As the Boss points his weapon at the Kid, the Professional knocks his gun away with another expertly aimed shot, then he and the Cop rush to restrain him.

In a final moment of cunning, the Boss pulls a hidden gun from his coat. He shoots the Professional in the side of the neck, while simultaneously grabbing the Professional’s hand, forcing a shot from his pistol into the gut of the Cop. Before falling, the Cop squeezes the trigger of his own weapon, and blasts the Boss in the chest, ending him.

The Kid, the last standing, hobbles over to the fallen Professional, and stares sadly at the injured man, who manages to raise his head at him, and weakly smile.


Mondo Bullet party is a no-budget indie movie, theoretically made to for a contest promoting the video game Stranglehold, a supposed video game sequel to John Woo's 1992 film, Hard boiled. Shot on location in New Haven, CT, at the now defunct Dagget Street Square.

Directed by d.lasala

Story and characters by L.O. Loverun (credited as L. Loverun)


Mike Villarnovo as the professional

Matt Stevens as the boss

Christian E. Hallaway as the officer

Steve DiGiovanni as the priest

Brandon Hallaway as the kid

Christian Hallaway as the young thug

d.lasala as the specialist